Organisations and Services

We build capacity of services and organisations who work to support people. What we offer:


  • Specialised training to build staff knowledge to do high quality service delivery
  • Project management (Research and Analysis, Design and Development
  • Educate and provide pathways to current and innovative service models
  • Assist with interpreting and implementing new government policy and funding initiatives
  • Enable you to better understand who you are, where you are and where and how you want to move forward
  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Governance and Leadership
  • PC HR system to find and keep the right staff
  • Organisational capacity building (Values/culture/practice connection)
  • Meaningful purposeful evaluation based on service participants at the heart

Stop and reflect strategiesies

Do you want to make time to stop and ask questions?

We can help you make time.

We offer;

  • A unique stop and reflect workshop that ask you to connect your head, heart and actions to then stop and reflect upon them
  • Assistance to better understand your organisational identity and culture
  • Strategies to understand your current context and environment
  • Tools to help your organisation to strategically move forward with an appropriate cultural and philosophical approach to person centred practice

Quality Project management (Research and Analysis, Design and Development)

Project management needs both qualititaive and quantitive methodologies.

We offer;

  • Action research
  • Data analysis
  • Project management theory and practice
  • Social Value Made Real
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Inclusive and innovative consultative strategies

Our extensive knowledge of the Community Services sector compliments our experience in undertaking social research, evaluation reports, program models, practice manuals and reports in both small and large projects.

Educate and provide pathways to current and innovative service models

We are committed to ensuring that we maintain currency in our work through our connections and relationships with our national and international colleagues to enable us to provide you with up to date information and advice on innovative and cutting edge work that places service participants at the heart of choice and control.

  • Service evaluation and reviews
  •  Mentoring and coaching
  •  Training in philosophy and theory to practice

Strategic and Business Planning

Are you ready to look out and beyond?

Are you looking to integrate a person centred approach into your organisation?

We work with you to look to the future, and beyond the immediate planning cycle.

We offer;

  • Tools to identify internal and external environmental factors that may affect how you plan
  • Training to build capacity, expertise, skills and experiences of staff, service participants, community groups and other key stake holders
  • Investigative tools to discover issues and events that may otherwise be overlooked
  • An exploration of risks and opportunities for your organisation in the future

We focus on building and maintaining a person centred approach to all the work undertaken by your organisation, both internal and external.

We assist organisations to develop the in-house capacity to manage rolling strategic review and planning processes. This enables organisations to undertake their own process through capacity building of staff and the development of sustainable tools and systems to allow Strategic Planning to become a living, adapting part of the organisation’s planning landscape.

Governance and Leadership

We can support your Board and Executive Team.

We offer;

  • External supervision for CEO’s, Senior Managers and Leaders
  • Strengthening leaders by introducing Person Centred Leadership
  • Governance Training
  • Review, evaluation and planning of governance systems
  • Mentoring and coaching teams and individuals
  • Building Person Centred Leadership teams
  • Recruitment and renewal

We provide governance training and mentoring to support Boards to develop their governance and leadership, bringing together person centred philosophy and the core elements of compliance, risk and strategy essential for good practice governance.

How to provide high quality service delivery.

Do your staff need help to understand person centred care?

Would you like relevant, creative training that is directly transferable to your work environment?

We specialise in:

  • How to use Person centred practice, personalization and citizenship in your work
  • How to apply and use person centred tools
  • Person centred planning using MAPS, PATH and other planning tools
  • Building strong working relationships and partnerships between staff / organisations and people and their families who are receiving services “The Working Alliance”
  • Building your values into action… Values based service delivery
  • Report, case note and assessment writing

We meet your service/organisational needs, staff skill level and service deilievery requirements by applying adult learning strategies, theory and experiential learning utilising our comprehensive workbooks and training information to support learning transfer back into the work place.

Assist with interpreting and implementing new government policy and funding initiatives

Our experience helps you

  • Make time to plan for the future
  • Demystify and interpret current and new policies and funding initiatives
  • Connect policy to practice
  • Keep abreast of changes

Support, challenge and discuss exclusionary or discriminatory policy change

We make the time to know the landscape so we can support through some of Australia’s most significant reforms.

How to find and keep the right staff: Person Centred HR systems

Does your potential employee have the necessary skills, experiences and education to successfully complete the tasks you need performed?

Will this person complete not only the easy tasks but will he or she also find ways to deliver on the functions that require more effort and creativity?

We have developed person centred HR tools and systems that enable you to both recruit and maintain the right staff that are clearly aligned to the values of the organisation. We can tailor these tools to suit your roles and organisation.

Our tools are;

  • in-depth work books,
  • application kits,
  • templates,
  • working instructions and,
  • action plans

We can work with you and alongside you in all areas of the HR process including;

  • Pre recruitment planning
  • Recruitment systems and tools
  • Comprehensive Induction practice,
  • Self-paced training for new recruits
  • Innovative Orientation plans
  • Probation and,
  • Workplace Supervision

Organisational capacity building (Values/culture/practice connection)

We offer;

  • Dynamic values Workshops to review and re-imagine
  • Mapping current values against an assessment of Workplace culture
  • Creating Values with behaviours and actions that are embedded across the organisation

Your aim is to always build the capacity within your organisation to enable sustainable, long term solutions.

We help you understand and if necessary re-imagine the organisational values and the link to everything the organisation does.

Meaningful purposeful evaluation based on service participants at the heart

Developed with our UK Partners, JB Eventus, our Social Value evaluation and assessment framework, Social Value  – Made Real © is an easy to follow, 6-stage framework that supports services, programs, organisations and funders to measure Social, Economic and Environmental value

Social Value – Made Real © can be used for:

  • Performance management process
  • Monitoring and evaluation frameworks
  • Setting up a funding/contracting strategy and/or prospectus for single or multiple activities
  • Developing an organisation or service strategy
  • Evaluation of existing services or programs of activity.

Social Value-Made Real © is used to help individuals and organisations feel as passionate as we do about demonstrating value and to de-stress practice through providing tools/skills to save time and resources to create reports that:

  • focus on bringing to life the experience and voice of service user
  • evaluate social, economic and environmental impacts
  • are concise and accessible
  • celebrate and demonstrate the difference achieved