Individuals and Families

In collaboration we find out what you want and need, how you want it and in partnership support you. What we offer:

    • A local independent choice
    • Person centred independent planners and case managers for families and individuals
    • We can teach, mentor, coach and plan
    • Flexible, individualized support
    • Independent, current information and advice
    • Short, mid and long term case management
    • Budget and costing support
    • Advocacy and support
    • Our work is directed by you

A local independent choice

We know where you live. We understand that you deserve choice especially in rural and remote areas.

We can provide choices that are independently yours and won’t be affected by any service providers or government agencies.

Your choice and control of your decisions are at the heart of our philosophy of support.

We can connect you with supports that assist you to reach your goals, aspirations and connections. That’s what important to us.

We’re local. We can support you where you live.

Person centred independent planners and case managers for families and individuals

We are trained in the person centred values based philosophy that underpins government changes to work towards a service system that puts your choice and control at the heart of decision making about your life. We are experienced independent planners to help you formulate your goals and aspirations into a plan that is meaningful for you, as well as offer more traditional case management services to assist you in bringing your plan to life through connecting you with the assets in community, be they services or individuals.

Short, mid and long term case management

How long do you want to work with us?

We’re flexible. We understand that some of your needs may be short term, but also that you might like us to work alongside you for longer periods.

Independent, current information and advice

Just because we live in regional NSW doesn’t mean we don’t stay up to date with information and advice.

Our advice is independent and we don’t have the same conflicts as some services or government agencies.

When you choose IncludeUs, you choose to be included.

We can teach, mentor, coach and plan

You manage your own plan with our ongoing support. We can show you how to teach, mentor and coach others.

You learn everything you need to know about your plan and you won’t be alone. We’re with you until you feel confident to manage your plan, your way.

Flexible, individualised support

You need flexibility and a meaningful relationship with your planner.

Choose to work with either Tim or Liz (About Us) and let us support you to achieve what you want.

Budget and costing support

Budgets can be a handful.

Our support will show you how you can manage your own packages or we can provide you with full package management overseen by you at all times.

Advocacy and support

We care about our community.

Together Tim and Liz have over 50 years combined experience of promoting and advocating for the rights of individuals and communities.

We bring this experience to you. Join us and we can advocate for your rights together.

Our work is directed by you

… you know what is best for you.

We work alongside you, for you, we support you to be the directors of your plans, budgets and lives.